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22 October 2019


Run Zone Athletics Club is hosting a media launch today of their inaugural marathon, the “Run Zone Joburg North City Marathon” to take place on the 22nd March 2020 at the Marks Park Sports Complex.  This race was previously staged twice before, first held in 2018 as the Joburg Challenge at the Berrios Recreation Canter with distances of 10km and 21km.  The second event was held earlier this year at the Marks Park Sports Complex, named as the Joburg Northern Chase and covered distances of 15km and 32km.  The race has led to the birthing of a marathon and is particularly favourable for its placement on the running calendar.  It aims to be a promising Comrades qualifier for well-prepared runners or as an improvement to any athletes seeding for those that may have qualified earlier in the season.  Just short of being a qualifier for the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon, it may also serve as an excellent long training run prior to the infamous Ultra.

The media launch is aimed at introducing all the main aspects of this event and proudly introducing the marathon to all excited participants.  The launch will expose the secured sponsors and also provide opportunities for sponsors and partners still seeking involvement with this event.

One of the highlights of the launch will be to reveal a theme and experience of no other event.  Much planning lies ahead of the marathon, although much has been done already to entice potential marathoners looking for a brand new race.  The race is planning to attract 5000 participants across all distances, the 42km, 21km, 10km and 5km fun run. To add some pre-race adventure Run Zone will also stage a 6km and 12km trail run from the same venue on the day before, 21st March 2020. 

Online and Manual Entries for the marathon will open in November 2019.  The official race information platforms to look out for is the website that is also being launched today amongst the social media platforms of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


  1. Good news I’m excited and hoping the 42km route is full marathon without a double lap like other boring double laps

    1. Thank you for your enthusiasm. Joburg North City Marathon is excited to announce the Route Reveal on 29 November 2019. It can be confirmed that it is a full route and no double lap. All the best!

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