The most epic marathon this side of the decade.

Run Zone Joburg North City Marathon Route Description 2020 The Joburg North City Marathon route is all about you the athlete and your road. It’s about finding your “True North”, the place where your Spirit, Soul, and Body meet as one. Where you unite your inner Energy, Determination and Power to lead you through the most exciting marathon journey of your life, fulfilling your dreams and goals as you go.

It is 6am! As you line up shoulder to shoulder at the start line, the gun is fired, signalling the next step of your amazing journey. You immediately make your way along 600m of flat road before turning right into a steep downhill stretch that takes you onto another flat section of road before leading you up “The Garden Path”. It’s a short-lived climb though, and you have just completed your first kilometre as you cross over a bridge which takes you through the shady, gentle undulations of Parkview and Westcliff. This is an easy section of road but exercise caution as its still early days for those doing the full marathon. Don’t get caught up with the speed of your half marathon cohorts as you’ll be kissing and saying goodbye at the 12km mark. Take the mind off your run and enjoy the beautiful suburbs and the early morning sunlight reflecting off the water of the Zoo Lake. Still enjoying the long flats and slight gentle pulls, as you make your way through the streets of Parkview, Zoo Lake and Greenside as you approach the 9km mark where you are greeted by a gentle downhill stretch into Tana Road before being given a wake-up call.

Say good morning to Mrs 4th Ave Linden! She’s merciful, though, only making you run uphill for 400m then offering you a little breather before introducing you to her brother, Mr 3rd Ave. He, like his sister, will also make you run up a 400m climb before allowing you another 400m of easy recovery. You have one more turn as you approach the 12km Water Point. The half marathoners leave their buddies for now and head back 2.7km before rejoining the marathon route for the last 5km home stretch over the Emmarentia Dam Wall At the 12km split, the marathon runners glide straight into a fast downhill stretch, easing off with a slight pull up to 1st Ave Linden and the “S” bend of Penelope Ave before easing into a long section of smooth and fast road (the important fact to remember on this route is that after every climb or uphill stretch you will always be rewarded with a downhill or flat section of road that you can use to recover or accelerate). Approaching the 15km mark as you cross over Conrad Drive, turn right into Eileen Road. This is a great recovery section for 1.2km before turning left into Susman Ave for a long but forgiving 1km pull.

16km is where you meet the stretch of road familiar to most runners in the Blairgowrie Suburb, “The Barkston Pull”, a 2km mild rise that can be run at a good pace whilst still investing in some altitude! The next 5km will take you through the lovely shaded streets of Linden and Cresta before crossing over Beyers Naudé Drive onto the flat side of “Northcliff”. You are approaching the 24km mark at this stage, which just happens to be “ZONE territory“. This is the home of Run Zone AC, our back yard and our training playground. You are in your True North and ready to get into Your Zone. The next 5km through Northcliff is where you’ll find your Energy, Strength and Power recharged. It’s a fast, excellent recovery, with fun and fast racing sections all the way to the 30km mark.

At the 30km mark, you will approach Beyers Naudé Drive again. If you’ve looked after your legs, this is a great time to reward yourself by stretching them and making good time. And if you’re racing, this is a great stretch to open up the gap on your competitors. You’ll fly along Beyers Naudé for 800m before hanging right into John Adamson Drive in Montgomery Park for 1.1km. It is fast, flat, fun and furious. At the 32km mark, as you make a left turn into Mont Park Drive, we throw in a gentle 700m “recovery” pull to give your quad muscles a break before setting you loose on another gentle downhill stretch where you can change gears again (this is known as “The Graveyard Shift”).

You are now 34km into a marathon, the place where your brain needs to start giving your body some assistance or some serious talking to about just who is in charge!!! But this is why you’re here and if you can just dig deep for a while you’ll be repaid with a welcome 2.2km flat stretch to bring you into the closing km of your marathon. You then make your way back over Beyers Naudé Drive into the Roosevelt area at the 35km mark, just 7.2km to go! Still brilliant, flat stretches as you approach the Emmarentia Dam Wall where the 21km and 42km routes kiss and make up.

“If it’s any consolation at this stage you will be happy to know that you will be finishing on a downhill finish.” You’re at 36km, just 6km to go, barely more than a Parkrun. Take time to appreciate the water, trees, ducks and Egyptian Geese as you race across the Dam Wall. You have renewed Energy, Strength, Power and Ability! The next 5km will take you along a few flat stretches complemented by some gentle downs and ups before leading you onto the fast “Blue Mile“.

You can hear the announcer at the stadium and your legs are about to hit the beautiful, soft
turf of the sports grounds. You’ve done it! You’ve taken this journey and seen it all the way through! And while you might be running across the finish line of this race, perhaps you’re really striding across the start line of an even bigger one. This is the Run Zone Joburg North City Marathon, Proudly Sponsored by Skechers Performance South Africa and Energizer and, it promises you a life changing experience Like No Other Marathon!!! You Are In Your Zone at the Run Zone Joburg North City Marathon.






You often find your fate on the road you take to avoid it.

Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. the best is yet to come.